The Daily Grind: Saving Money on Coffee



Do you drink coffee by the bucket? By the gallon? Do you have it fed to you in an IV? Did you ever stop to think about how much it costs?
I drink a LOT of coffee, but it doesn't cost me much at all -- I buy cans from the grocery store and brew it at home. I rarely, if ever, buy it at Biggby or Starbucks. If I'm on the road, I'll hit up Tim Horton's or 7-Eleven, but other than that, I drink coffee on a budget.
But if you're the kind that likes the more exotic flavors of a big-chain coffee place, there's some nifty ways you can cut your costs! I found these tips at
1) Be Creative. Love Starbucks Frappucinos? You can opt for an iced latte with extra syrup -- it's basically the same thing.
2) Buy a Coffee Maker. You'd be surprised at the magic you can brew up -- pretend you're Severus Snape, the Potions Master!
3) Make Your Own Flavored Coffee. Add things like whole cloves, dried blueberries, cinnamon sticks, toasted walnuts, cocoa, etc. etc. to the coffee grounds to give it an extra kick. You can even add liquids like vanilla extract to your coffee grounds!
4) Use a Mug. Keep it at work as an extra incentive to skip the lunchtime trip to Starbucks, and spice up the workplace coffee with your own creamer or flavor shots!
5) Look for Coffee Deals Online. For instance, Biggby usually has BOGO coupons or special promotions that can save you a ton of money! They also offer a rewards card, so if you go often, get one! You'll get a free drink periodically.
Plenty of more tips await you coffeeholics over at  
Stay awesome!