The Credit Union Difference

I thought that it was high time I feature a little video series from one of our own Young & Free Alumni: Larissa from Alberta. Larissa was the very first Young & Free Spokester and she made this hilarious video series about the difference between banks and credit unions.

Apart from being AWESOME, the video really highlights some key differences between these two types of financial institutions. With all the high-falutin' mumbo-jumbo being tossed around nowadays, I thought it might be a nice time to sit down and get to the bottom line. This first video tells you about the difference in the structures of banks vs. credit unions (i.e., members/owners vs. shareholders).

Financial institutions are in the spotlight lately, so there's no time like the present to learn exactly where your money is going and who is benefitting from it!

Check out Larissa's awesome video (pt. 1!) and stay tuned -- I'll feature the rest of the series in later blog posts!

Stay awesome!