The Cost of a Pet Bunny Rabbit

So – you’ve been won over by the adorable cuddliness, loyalty and cuteness of a rabbit. And you plan on getting one as a pet.

Before you dive into this pet rabbit thing head first, there are a few things you need to know about the additional costs of not only buying, but owning a pet rabbit.

The cost of a rabbit depends on where you buy and the breed of the rabbit.

A pet store can charge anywhere from $20.00 - $40.00 for a rabbit, whereas a farm, fair or rescue can cost anywhere from $5.00 - $20.00. Rare breeds of rabbit will probably cost you around $100.00.


 The bunny I want and will get in the near future

The bunny I want and will get in the near future

Once you have found your special rabbit and have brought him or her home, there will be additional costs to maintain and care for your new pet.

For starters, your rabbit will need housing.

If you decide to keep your rabbit outdoors, he or she will need a hutch. A hutch can be home-made, but this requires a lot of work and some craftsmanship. If you do not build your own hutch, a new one will cost you around $200.00 (though it won’t hurt you to look on craigslist and search for cheaper rabbit hutches.)

If your rabbit shall be an indoor pet, expect to pay around $100.00 for a new rabbit cage.

On top of these two initial purchases, your rabbit will also have ongoing needs which will cost you money. These needs include food, treats, bedding and toys. The cost of these will depend on what bedding you use and the type of food, treats and toys you buy. At minimum, expect to pay around $40.00 a month.

Not to mention, there may be additional health costs for your rabbit. Spaying or neutering your rabbit will cost anywhere from $125-$250.

If you add up all of these expenses, your rabbit will cost you (considering you get a $40.00 rabbit) around $380.00.

And while these pet rabbits may seem expensive, they’re well worth it. Rabbits are fun, sweet and pretty easy to take care of if you keep up with them.

For more information on the costs of bunny rabbits and caring techniques, check out this website: Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Bunny

A forever bunny lover,

Vicky :)