The Cost of Attending the Olympics

Don’t lie, you’ve been thinking it too…

What would it take/how much would it cost to watch the Olympic Games in person?  Over the past week I cannot count the amount of times I’ve heard a friend say this or thought it myself.  I mean, I already jump up and down and pretty much scream like a little girl when any of our athletes win gold, so I can only imagine the thrill that would be accompanied with experiencing this in person!  Not to mention I wouldn’t have to worry about my twitter feed LEAKING SPOILERS ALL DAY LONG because I have to WAIT until prime time to watch (sorry for the rant)…
As a result, I decided to take a little time researching how much it would cost to attend the Olympics. While I can undoubtedly say that it will be a LONG time until this vacation will fit into my budget, I thought I’d share with you some of my findings. 
Note: most of these are averages based off of several sources that I found.

Let’s Break it Down

Transportation Cost

  • Average round trip flight from New York to London:   $800-1000
  • Public Transport in London:  Fairly cheap, BUT you do get free underground transport with your Olympic event ticket!


  • For a lodging and transportation package outside of the city: $600-800 per night
  • Lodging in the city during the games can cost up to $1,000-3,000 per night
  • Hotel websites can provide cheaper rates for smaller local places though

Event Tickets

  • Elimination Events:  $32-50
  • Medal/Gold Event:  $350
  • 100 Meter Men’s Swim Final:  $2,500!!
  • Certain events like sailing & road races:  FREE

Opening/Closing Ceremonies

  • Regular Seating:  $1,800–3,000
  • Premier Seating:  $11,000
  • REALITY aka Lawn Seating outside of the stadium:  $15


After tallying some of these expenses you can see that a person could easily drop 10-20K on a comfortable trip to the Olympic Games if their budget allowed.  I guess there is hope though because maybe if I did absolutely nothing over the next four years, but work full time and live in a shanty I might be able to afford to go. 
The point is that next time you sit on your couch and wonder what it will cost to see the next Summer Olympics in Rio, start budgeting ASAP!  I will never be the one who will tell you that your goals are out of reach, but this IS one of them that would take an immense amount of preparation.  For now I’ll just have to settle for talking in a British accent with a drink in one hand and a plate of pizza rolls in the other!
Until next time,