The Cost of a Habit

Habits are easy to develop. They can start off as something small and lead into something you need in your every day life.  Whether we realize it or not, habits play a major role in our lives.

A habit can be something as small as stopping to get your gourmet coffee EVERY morning and can be as big as spending thousands of dollars over the internet due to online shopping. 

How much is too much?

If your coffee costs you $3.00 every morning, you'll be out an extra $1,095 dollars a year. Over a period of three years, you could have given up that coffee to go on a HUGE vacation or to use on something or someone else.  It just makes you wonder: is this daily habit i've formed really worth it?


There are good habits

Sometimes habits are worth it. You can develop healthy habits like running every day or taking multi-vitamins. So not ALL habits are bad. Still, everything is best in moderation.

As long as you're in control and you feel as if you could stop if you wanted to, you're good. If you feel as if you HAVE to do something, it may be time to re-evaluate your situation and your habit.

And that's something you've got to figure out on your own - what's worth it and what isn't. 

Habits take up time!

You've just got to remember, habits don't only use up your money, they also use up your time. So be weary of what habits you develop and how they effect your lives. Time given isn't ever going to be gotten back. So make sure any habit you develop is worth having. Not that I'm trying to preach, even I spend way too much money and time on things that I shouldn't.  


Until next time, 

Vicky :)