The Biggest Mistake Most Renters Make

If you’re renting a condo, an apartment, or a home without renter’s insurance then you’re making a huge mistake. Think of all the priceless and valuable things you have in your home. That blanky your nana gave you when you were born, your favorite watch, your coveted computer, your prize collection of shoes, your gaming system, your flat screen television…need I say more? If you’re in the dark about renter’s insurance let me help you out.


1.     Renter’s Insurance Protects Your from Disasters

Accidents happen and as a renter your more than likely sharing your space which leaves more room for error. Protect yourself from fires damage, water damage, or any other accident by getting renter’s insurance.



2.     Theft

No matter how unthreatening an area may seem there is still a chance that theft will occur. Don’t assume that your security guard on duty sees everything protect yourself with renter’s insurance.



3.     Lost Luggage

Not many people know that renter’s insurance also covers your luggage while you’re traveling. Which is an added bonus and saves you the headache of battling with the airlines.



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