The Best Holiday Playlist EVER


YOU CAN'T ESCAPE IT! No matter what elevator, shopping mall, doctors office or restaurant you go into you’re bound to be serenaded with either frosty the snowman, little drummer boy or some other classic Christmas tune.  While I enjoy a healthy amount of holiday music, I find that every store seems to play the same five songs OVER and OVER again.


After failing at putting together my own holiday playlist, I finally go the idea to ask my fellow Young & Free Spokesters, what their favorite holiday tunes were.   What resulted is probably one of the most unique playlists I’ve ever heard!  Now if there is one thing I can say about my fellow Spokesters, it’s that we are all VERY different.  We all have our own personal styles and unique taste in music.  Check out the playlist below and see if you can figure out whose music choices are whose.

Check it out!

Now when you’re getting ready of that holiday party, putting together a good playlist is one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

Until next time!