The Amazing Spider Man


Alright All You Spider Man Fans Out There!  

Last night I went to the premier of the Amazing Spider Man movie at Emagine Novi Theater.  Now I’ll admit that going into it, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be very good.  After all it has been only five years since the completion of Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy.  I can honestly say though that by the end of the movie I was completely refreshed.  Not only was the onscreen chemistry far better than the previous movies, the plot line made a valiant effort to stay true to the original comic book series.   However, I do not claim to be a movie critic. has given The Amazing Spider Man a 74% fresh rating so far.  Check out for yourself a highlight of some of the critic reviews…


At 28, Garfield's slightly older than Maguire was when he played Peter Parker in 2002, but his combination of fresh-faced innocence, nervous agitation and wry humor is immediately appealing.
-Tom Charity
Garfield and Emma Stone are terrific together, and they're surrounded by performers with the acting chops to root a comic-book narrative in the real world 
-Bob Mondello  NPR
Brings fresh faces and 3-D bells and whistles to the adventures of a moody nerd-boy who gets bitten by a radioactive arachnid and morphs into a smart-talking, web-slinging, thug-busting superhero.
-Steven Rea  Philadelphia Inquirer


This hugely elaborate production is supposed to be the reboot of a foundering franchise, but rebooting a computer wipes the silicon slate clean. In the movie, what's old is old again.
-Joe Morgenstern  Wall Street Journal
How amazing can it be? We all just saw this movie when "Spider-Man" came out a decade ago.
-Tom Long  Detroit News
If you have some extra time this 4th of July make it a point to check out this reboot of Marvel’s Spider Man.  Special thanks to for the reiviews!  Whether you usually agree with the critics or not, this movie is still a must see in my book!
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