The $50 Rule - Your Tool to Stop Impluse Buying

I was recently reading some blogs Larissa, the former spokester of Alberta made when I came across something called the “$50 dollar rule.” The $50 dollar rule is a tool that you can use to prevent yourself from impulse buying.-


The idea of the rule is to take whatever the price is of the thing that you’re aching to buy and to divide it by 50. Whatever number you get from this division is the amount of days you should wait before purchasing the item.

For example, if there’s a $500 dollar purse you’re considering buying, wait at least 10 days before you purchase it. If you want to buy a $300 dollar camera, wait a week before you make your final decision.

This rule will prevent you from making any rash decisions and from buying things you don’t really want or need.


Hope this helps :)