The $5 Food Challenge

Did you ever notice how even though groceries seem expensive, you end up spending less than if you go out to eat every day? I figured it out when I started adding up my weekly expenses.  

The worst part? The food I was eating wasn't even good for me! Luckily, the $5 Food Challenge from Slow Food USA is challenging America to eat "slow" food as opposed to fast food -- healthy, cheap alternatives to the junk we're putting in our bodies every day!
The website gives some great recipe ideas for those who want to try to cook at home, all for under $5. It's all about recognizing what makes "slow" food difficult for busy families, and then finding ways to help make the difficult parts easier.
Consider taking the "slow food challenge." Check out the site -- it has information about the $5 Food Challenge, resources for those who want to try it, and other useful information.
Let me know if you're going to accept the $5 Food Challenge by leaving a comment here or on Facebook!
Stay awesome!