That's Freshhh: Eastern Market


I am not a big fan of vegetables. Or fruit, for that matter. However, fruits and vegetables are good for you, or so I'm told. I'm not completely convinced.
If you have a general fondness for the food of the earth, one of the best ways you can feed your stomach and your soul is to visit a local farmer's market. And, lucky for you, Detroit is home to one of the most famous farmer's markets in the country - Eastern Market.
At Eastern Market, you can find a plethora (yes, I used the word "plethora"--get over it) of locally grown fruit, vegetables, grass-fed meat, flowers, and specialty food products. Every Saturday, the area bordered by Wilkins St, Winder St, Russell St and Riopelle St transforms into a bustling shopping district where people of all socioeconomic backgrounds gather to buy some fresh, locally made products.
If you're a fan of the fresh, support your local economy by heading down there and stocking up on some great products.  Although I am not the vegetables' greatest advocate . . . Eastern Market is pretty sweet.
Stay awesome!