Taco Tuesday- Chipotle Hack

It’s my favorite day! Taco Tuesday. I wanted to share my favorite Chipotle hack. I discovered this back in the day, when I was going to chipotle every day. (I'm not even kidding.) I was trying to save some money and I also realized I never ate the entire burrito bowl. 

To solve my Chipotle dilemma, I started ordering differently. Now, when I go to Chipotle I order one taco made in a bowl. Because I get so much in my taco, it turns into ½ a bowl. If I order one veggie taco made in a bowl with chips and salsa, my total comes to a whopping, $3.92. Yes you read correctly, $3.92 for chips and ½ a veggie burrito bowl! If you get meat it will be about $1 more. So you might need to cut back your portions, but now when all you have is $5 to spare, you can get some Chipotle! You are welcome! 

I don’t feel guilty about eating Chipotle as much as I want, because for $3.92 I’m saving money and eating fresh goodness! 

Do you like Chipotle hacks? I think I will make my own Chipotle style meals as a DIY blog soon! What’s your favorite part of a chipotle burrito bowl?

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,