TGITT- Thank God It's Taco Tuesday!

I am in no way a master chef, but my favorite food to cook and eat is Mexican food, or Tex-Mex food! I mean, ya girl grew up eating cheese quesadillas and home fried tostadas for dinner. Since being married and having to get more comfortable in the kitchen I have made a wide variety of tacos. Making tacos is delicious, easy and inexpensive. Taco Tuesday might be a great opportunity to save some money eating out, if you go to a restaurant that has special deals, but in all honesty we can save even more money by making our own taco Tuesday celebration at home! 

Here are three of my favorite tacos to make at home; 

Shredded Chicken Tacos. 

Boil chicken breast in water with cumin, salt and pepper for about 45min. Or, cook the chicken in a crock pot with a tub of salsa for 3-4 hours. After the chicken is cooked, shred the chicken using a fork. The chicken should fall apart easily. (This is my favorite way to eat tacos!)

Ground Turkey Tacos

I don't make ground tukey tacos often, but when I do, I cook my ground turkey with some garlic, cumin, chili powder and salt and pepper! 

Tuna Tacos

This was my go to meal when my husband and I cut out red meat and were on a strict budget. I would buy the small $1 bags of tuna from the grocery store and cook the tuna on the stove top with some jalapenos, onions, red peppers and garlic. One bag of tuna is plenty for 4-6 small tacos. And you can't beat that $1 price tag! 

After you cook your meat, the next step is easy! It’s time to dress up your taco! Grab your favorite kind of tortilla and load that bad boy up with some beans, rice, lettuce, maybe some kale, jalapenos, salsa, cheese and sour cream! YUM!

Tacos are simple to make, filling to eat and budget friendly. What’s your favorite way to make tacos at home? 


Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,