Surviving the Holidays Lesson #6 - FREE Shipping Day

Procrastinators Rejoice!

I can sit here and remind all of you how important it is to get your holiday shopping done early, but the truth is I’m probably one of the WORST shopping procrastinators ever.  I’m “that guy” frantically running around Macys at 8:30 pm the day before Christmas Eve having a panic attack because I can‘t find that scarf my girlfriend told me she wanted three months ago.  Honestly I deserve it though because I bring it upon myself… 

Luckily for those of us that loath being anywhere close to a shopping mall during the month of December, I have an alternative that might just save you from certain gifting disaster.  We all know online shopping allows us to avoid the stores, but the tradeoff is sometimes paying gross amounts of money on shipping.

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Did you know that December 17th is known as FREE Shipping Day!?  That’s right!  Next Monday thousands of merchants like Best Buy and LL Bean will be offering free shipping that is guaranteed to deliver by Christmas Eve!  I know this is cutting it pretty close, but take advantage of this great opportunity while it lasts.  Simply visit for a list of participating merchants!  You can even have them send you an email the day of as a reminder. So go ahead, procrastinate.

Until next time,