Surviving the Holidays Lesson #5 - Finding Cheap Gas

Man, I love the holidays!  

I love the decorations, the food, the parties and the time spent with friends and family.  What I DON’T like is the fact I live THREE HOURS away from my family!  While I don’t mind making the drive to see them, the cost of gas can add up quick!  Since it takes me a full tank just to get home I end up spending $100 every time I visit home.  YUCK!

Even though this might seem like a lot of money, getting to see my family is definitely worth it to me.  To help all of us who might be spending a hefty amount of our budget on fuel this month, here are two easy tools you can use to find the cheapest fuel prices in your area!

Check it out!

A pretty easy site, lets you search by state, city, zip code, or even county to see all gas prices in that area listed from lowest to highest. Updated every 48 hours, it's an easy tool to help you plan your pit stops accordingly. Don’t just jump at the first gas station you see.  Drive a couple more mile to save an extra 5 cents!
While I tend to be more of a Google Maps loyalist, Mapquest actually has a pretty neat gasoline search option that is both versatile and easy to look at. Not only can you choose your fuel (gasoline, diesel, alternative fuels), but you can specify the intersection and see where the lowest and highest gas prices are in the city.  Simple search for cheap fuesl in your area. Another plus is the design of the site makes it easy to use and understand!
Hopefully these tools will help you drive more for less!  There are a multitude of other apps out there that can also help you find cheap gas.  If you have any suggestions of your own share by commenting below! 
Until next time,