Surviving the Holidays Lesson #4 - Consumer Reports

It's getting down to the wire!

Pretty soon we are all going to run out of time when it comes to getting our holiday shopping done.  While I’ve tried to bring you different ways to de-stress this shopping season, it’s getting to that point and time where many of us have to start make decisions.  It’s almost that time where we need to bite the bullet on some of our bigger purchases before they all fly off the shelf.
The question is how can you be certain that what you are buying is truly worth the advertised price?  How can you know for sure that brand “A” is better than brand “B?”  Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could just ask a friend?  Well, because not all of us have product expert to turn to, try checking out a few consumer report websites!
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Sites like,, have thousands of reviews that you can you use to determine if that named brand gift is really worth all the fuss! I know that I am way more likely to put my trust in a product if I can see positive feedback from previous consumers.  Maybe you’re completely sold on a product, but don’t know which store sells it for the best price.  Try sites like which help you determine which online sites sells that perfect gift for the cheapest price!
The most important lesson to take back here is NOT to make quick decisions.  While some situations might require fast action, It's always best to take some extra time doing a little research before waisting your money a big but dissapointing gift.  Take these tips, and comment below if you’ve ever had a good or bad experience using consumer report websites!
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