Surviving the Holidays Lesson #2 - Black Friday

It’s Almost Here!

BLACK FRIDAY!  DUN DUN DUNNNN!  The biggest shopping day of the year is just around the corner.  If you have considered braving the crowds this year there are some things you should know about before venturing out into the madness.

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Do Your Research:  Before spending hours waiting in line for this year’s “Tickle Me Elmo.”  Check out a variety of consumer reports online.  This will help you to determine what is really worth spending 4 hours in the freezing cold outside of that electronics super store. 
Be Smarter than TV Ads:  Just because a specific product has a flashy commercial aired every two seconds doesn’t mean that it is the best in the industry.   This is especially true for electronics.  You’d be hard pressed to find a breakthrough gadget that doesn’t have a competitor selling something similar at a cheaper price.  Don’t let flashy ads get the best of you.  Sometimes less advertised products are better!
Form a Game Plan:  Literally make a plan of attack.  I made the mistake two years ago of not making a game plan before venturing into a sea of angry moms and ended up wasting a ton of  time fighting lines.  Find out which stores open up at which times and prioritize a list for yourself.  Not only does this save YOU from a headache, but it can also prevent unnecessary bickering with friends.  
Not all Sales are Worth it:  Beware, not all Black Friday sales are all that different than the store’s regular price cuts.  Most big chains count on the fact you’ll just assume that everything with a red sticker is the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET just because it’s Black Friday.  Doing research before will help you determine which sales are actually special.  Don’t get caught in a shopping frenzy!  This is like the cheat-code book for Black Friday sales.  This magnificent website compiles all the different advertised sales into an easy to understand comparison guide.   Save yourself from weeding through the Sunday Newspaper ads and check out this website!
In the end, Black Friday is still a great opportunity for you to save some serious cash on big-ticket items this season!  The most important thing I can impress upon anyone looking to fight the crowds is to have a game plan!  Make it a fun event and use teamwork to cover different areas of a store at the same time.  It can be a great way to spend some time with family and friends. Try these tips out and comment below if you have any suggestions of your own!
Best of luck to all the shoppers out there!
Until next time,