Surviving Finals

Who's Stressing Out Over Finals?

Hey Guys!  I know for many of us out there, this time of the year can be pretty stressful!  Not just because the holidays are here, but also because for most college students it’s finals season!  If you are currently stressing out, take a look at the tips below.  While they aren’t as good as an EASY button, they might just help you get through finals alive.

Check it out!

If you find yourself sitting at your desk freaking out because you have no idea where to start just STOP for a second and breathe!  Before doing anything you should organize yourself.  Take a blank calendar and plan out a study schedule for yourself.  Literally assign yourself a certain amount of time to study for each subject.   Not only will this give you a definite plan, it will also make you feel a lot better.
As you start to study skim through your material before reading pages of material word for word.  Create a hierarchy of topics you know better than others.  Quickly skimming through all of the material will help you determine what areas you need the most help with.  Once you’ve noted the areas you need to spend the most time on, budget your time accordingly.  Don’t waste your time reviewing material you already know.  Study smarter not harder!
Yes as dumb as it sounds, you need to get enough sleep during finals!  Staying up an extra two hours to review material one more time might not be worth it.  Tests are obviously built to challenge you mentally.  Without at least seven hours of sleep each night, your mind won’t perform like it should.  Even simple concepts become blurry when you are sleep deprived so try to stay on a good sleep schedule as much as possible.
Panicking is your worst enemy during finals week.  Once you allow yourself to get upset, it becomes so much harder to properly concentrate on anything.  If you find yourself getting worked up take a quick breather and sit back down.  It is amazing what a 30 minute cat nap can do for your mental state!
Try to keep these tips in mind over the next few days/weeks.  As someone who is in the middle of finals right now, I can honestly say that they have helped.  If you have tried any of these yourself or have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below!  We could all use as much help as possible this time of year.  Good Luck!
Until next time,