Summer Hacks

Summer is almost over, but it isn’t quite over yet. There are still summer parities, beach days and early football celebrations going on. If you want some helpful tips on how to make your summer easier as well as your life, there’s a video you've GOT to watch that The King of Frandom made! It covers everything from preventing a straw from floating up in your can of soda to easily getting rid of fruit flies.

There are a total of TEN helpful tips to make your summer and your life a little easier including:

- How to ALWAYS have an ice cold drink
- How to easily get rid of ants
- Turning snack bags into snack bowls
-  How to rid yourself of fruit flies
- How to protect your stuff at the beach
- How to prevent your hamburger from getting mushy
- How to keep a straw from floating up in your pop can
- How to get EASY bite sized mango pieces
- How to prevent sticky fingers from Popsicle drips
- How to make a condensed condiment area


Watch the video here and the tips below :)

Until next time, 

Vicky :)