Summer = Free/Cheap Entertainment

Summer is almost here and with Memorial Day just around the corner I’ll be visiting the drug store soon to start stocking up on sunscreen. Unlike some of my buddies, I am not blessed with the type of skin that turns golden brown during the summer time.  Instead, I go from pasty white to Sebastian in like 5 minutes…on a cloudy day.


I sure as heck don’t let that stop me though. For me summer means cramming in as many outdoor activities as possible with friends and family. The real silver lining though is that a majority of these forms of entertainment are either EXTREMELY cheap, or FREE! During the winter time, it’s much harder to find free entertainment when there’s three feet of snow everywhere.

Over the next couple of months I HIGHLY recommend you guys get out of your AC and live it up. Get active, dust off your bike, play sand volleyball and make the most out of your summer. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a good time this time of year. After all, you’ll want to save all that money from your summer job because once winter hits, we all know the only thing to do around town is to go to the movies and buy $20 popcorn. Lame…

Until next time,