Summer Date Ideas

                  Grease - an awesome summer time movie

                 Grease - an awesome summer time movie

It’s finally summer!

If you guys are excited as I am, I’m sure you’re using every possible excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the sun.  Not only is this summer sun good for getting a tan, it’s also good for taking that special someone out for a date! Summer dates are super fun and affordable, not to mention there’s PLENTY to do outside. Here’s a list of summer date activities you may want to partake in:

1. Rollerblading!

Not only is rollerblading a good way to bond with your significant other, whether through racing or just skating around and enjoying the scenery, it’s also healthy!


If you and your date enjoy eating, go with this one. Pack your own food and save some money. In fact, your date and you can even make lunch together for the picnic. If you go to a park, you can make the picnic an all-day thing and just lay in the summer sun together.

3. Play catch (bring friends!)

Make it double-date (tripe-date, quadruple-date, etc..) and play sports in teams! Wh ether it’s football, baseball, soccer, sports are an excellent way to get out, get moving and have some fun.

5. Go to a local water park!

6. Bike riding.

This is a good way to get around and explore your city! Find things you’ve never seen before.

7. Get some ice-cream!

8. Go to a local fair.

As it is summer, plenty of our Michigan home-towns will be having their annual fairs! For an entire list of fairs and local Michigan events, click here

9. Go to the zoo!

You can NEVER be too old to go to the zoo.  There's plenty of sight seeing to do while you're at the zoo and TONS of cool animals. 

And last but certainly not least, 

10. Go camping!

For more information on HOW TO go camping, check out the blog I wrote last week by clicking here. There's a lot of good advice as to what to bring and a website with different places to go! 


 Lake Saint Claire Metropark's Squirt Zone

Lake Saint Claire Metropark's Squirt Zone

Another fun thing to do is to combine some ideas listed above. For example, my boyfriend and I will occasionally park the car outside of Lake Saint Claire Metropark at a nearby building, roller-blade into the park (so we avoid paying an entry fee) and have a picnic by the water! Lake Saint Claire Metropark also has a FREE Squirt Zone. If you’re a little too old for the squirt zone (I still haven’t outgrown it,) you can pay a small fee (four dollars) and use the pool and water-slides. 

By the way, you can go out and do all of these things with or without a date. You can bring friends too or just go alone.

Maybe I should've made a date with my laptop and wrote this outside...


Your (should-be) summer companion,