Stuffing the Savings

What are you thankful for? 

I know what you are all thinking. I AM THANKFUL FOR THANKSGIVING BREAK! I know that’s the truth. But while I was at the grocery store buying my ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, I could barely move due to the mass chaos going on around me. There were people running around the store, filling up their carts with food for the upcoming feast. 

This got me thinking. My bill was pretty high. It was a lot higher than my normal grocery bill and there were people around me with twice as much to purchase. 

Preparing for the holidays is not just a traditional thing; quite frankly, it’s a financial thing too. As I get older, and start to take on more responsibility during family dinners and holiday seasons, I’m starting to notice the financial pull that these big celebrations have. 

So, what does that mean to me, or to you? All I’m saying is, get ready, and stuff that savings account like there is no pay check tomorrow! Make savings a priority now, so you won’t have to worry about it later. 

Oh yeah -- and be thankful for the people who buy all the food and cook it up for your family dinner, because that is no joke! 

 Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,