Stuff You Should Not Spend Money On


Do you find yourself stumbling upon a deliciously weird product on the Internet that you feel like you HAVE to own? I'm a big sucker for funny T-shirts. Seriously, I own so many dumb T-shirts that I can't fit them in my dresser. I had to buy one of those college-dorm-esque wire cube units to house my ridiculous T-shirt collection. I won't post a picture, it's gross. (But awesome.)
Here are some products that are stupidly cool, but you SHOULD NOT spend your money on them.

This combines two of my favorite things: puns and tape. (I don't really like tape that much, but . . . you know.

There's a story behind why I love this so much. Here goes:
For three summers I worked at a community pool that has since been demolished. (R.I.P. John F. Kennedy Municipal Swimming Pool in Eastpointe, MI.) There was a PA system that we would use occasionally to play music for the patrons. On one slow day, we decided we needed music. My boss only had one song on her phone - Lionel Richie's "Hello." In a brilliant social experiment, we decided to play that song - and ONLY that song - over the PA to see how long the patrons would last before someone came to the office and complained.
NOT. ONE. PERSON. SAID. ANYTHING. For 4 hours, we played ONLY that song. It remains one of the single greatest days of my life. (Is that sad?)

Aside from my job as a pool cashier, I also have worked in a disturbing amount of office environments. Needless to say, these pushpins make me laugh. A lot. probably too much.
I am reiterating my point here - DON'T spend your money on these things. However . . . Christmas is rapidly approaching, so if you like what you see, share the info with your grandma or spouse or disapproving mother.
Stay awesome!