Spring Cleaning: Tackling That Home Office

It's supposed to be about 60 degrees tomorrow! We haven't had much of a winter, so it's only natural that we're starting to think about spring already! 

(Personally, I'm still bitter. I love sledding and skiing and snowball fights.)
But on to another S: SPRING CLEANING! Now, spring cleaning an entire house in one day is a big task, and I would recommend NOT trying it all in one day -- you might get burned out and leave tasks unfinished. Instead, break it up into sections! My first task is almost always cleaning out my "office" (which is really more of just a desk with random electronics crammed onto it.)
When cleaning an office, you have three major challenges:
1) Dusty electronics
2) Stains on the desktop and gross accessories
3) Nasty, crumb-y keyboard
Weapons of mass de-griming:
1) Microfiber cloth / electronic wipes
2) All-purpose cleaner or a spray bottle of equal parts water and white vinegar
3) Sponge
4) Rubbing alcohol
5) Cotton balls
6) Clean paintbrush
7) Bottle of compressed air
Dust Bust
Be careful when you clean electronics. Use microfiber cloths or electronics wipes on your computer monitor, since these won't leave scratches. Don't use chemicals on these! After the screen is clean, dampen the cloth and gently buff away nasty junk from the rest of the monitor or laptop. Do the same with the mouse or printer. 
Eradicate Surface Stains
First, move small, light items off the surface (paper, phone, keyboard, laptop etc.) and just leave the larger items. If your desktop is laminate or something else very hardy, use all-purpose cleaner, wipe with a sponge, and then rinse with some water. For sealed wooden surfaces, use the vinegar-water mix. Remove ink stains with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Then, give your phone and other accessories a wipe-down with the sponge!
De-Nasty Your Keyboard
Keyboards are super gross. First, unplug it, turn it over a trash can, and lightly tap it to get any crumbs or chunks of WHATEVER out of it. Then, spray it with compressed air to get stuff out of the crevices. Use the paintbrush to get dust and other grime out of the openings. Finally, dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the surface. Let it dry about 20 seconds, and then plug back in.
Special thanks to GoodHousekeeping.com for the excellent office-cleaning advice!
Stay awesome (and clean!)