WOW, today I went to South Lake High and recorded some videos with the Senior Tellers. Those seniors have already check out of school! Also, can someone tell me why that school smelled like Doritos? 

Anyways, let me get into the topic of todays blog and share with you an exciting opportunity...

Spring has sprung and the car sale is right around the corner! May 14-16th you can stop at a Michigan First branch, check out some sweet awesomely priced cars, get your loan and drive away with your brand new car! 

Michigan First has some sweet deals for the car sale. Some of those deals are 1% off your loan, no payments for 60 days and $150 in gas for your new ride! If you are looking to get a new car I highly reccoment you call 365 live, or stop by a branch to get pre-approved for your auto loan today! 

Check out all the details for the sale and the incentives by clicking on the link below! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,