Spring Break FOMO

Dear Young & Free Michigan,


If you feel disappointed because you’re not on Spring Break this year let me tell you why you shouldn’t. In my four years as an undergrad I was only able to go on Spring Break once! Every year when it rolled around I would set high expectations of where I would go and what I would do but it never actually happened. Either my friends were too broke, someone couldn’t get the days off of work, or I was too broke along with them. When I finally came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going anywhere for break I would get super bummed out.


To make matters worse, I would get home and just scroll down my timeline and see endless Spring Break photos and videos and the FOMO (fear of missing out) intensified. Finally, in my senior year,I was able to go away for break. My usual group of friends weren’t able to go but I had a few friends at another college who asked  me to join them. I had a rough semester and really needed a break so I did everything I had to do. I scrapped up all my money, put my plane ticket on a credit card, and borrowed clothes. When we arrived in Miami everything was great. Until I realized that there were four other girls who were rooming with us, so a total of 7 people. I also realized that I didn’t vibe with the group as much as I’d hoped. I ended up calling my parents and wanting to come home on the second night.


I was devastated because I went through so much to go and it was an epic fail! It took me about a year to pay the trip off and I didn’t even have as much fun as I wanted to. I rushed to go somewhere and have a fantasy experience and was super disappointed. The moral of the story is try not to put so much pressure on yourself. Spring Break is a good time but its best when you’re there with true friends and have the money to be there. There will be plenty more opportunities to travel and enjoy life; just be patient.


I hope this story helps soothe your FOMO this Spring Break and encourages you to step outside the box and find fun things to do right here at home.



Stay Young & Be Free,