Spokester Wanna-be's Blog Writing Tips

Hey Spokester Wanna-be's! This might not seem as hard as the video application, but your sample blog also plays a big part in your Spokester application. I’ve got some tips for YOU to make an awesome sample blog :).

First things first: write about something you are familiar with.

You do have to write about something financially-specific, but there are ways to tailor that to your personality and background. If you’ve ever earned a paycheck, received an allowance, went shopping, looked for deals, etc., then you are familiar enough with finances to write a finance related blog.

Do your research.

Once you’ve got your topic, do your research, this way you can paint a fuller picture of what it is you’re writing about.  You’ve got to really get to know your subject if you want your reader to understand your message. And believe me – you want the reader to know the subject, otherwise you didn’t share enough.

Bring personality into your writing!

Write how you would talk. Say something out loud. If you can imagine yourself saying that to someone in person, all the better! This will make your writing more warm and friendly, and that’s what the voice of Young & Free Michigan should be! :)

Have someone read over your blog.

Sometimes you can look over misspellings, grammar mistakes and other writing mishaps. It’ll be good for your blog to get a set of fresh eyes to make sure everything is good to go.

Don’t procrastinate.

Just like trying to write a paper for class the night before it’s due, procrastination will have you overlooking things in your writing. You want to have enough time to read over your blog and make sure it’s awesome. So give yourself enough time to research, write, edit and send!

Check out YoungFreeMichigan.com for full details if you have ANY questions about the Spokester search! Good luck guys!

Until next time,