S.O.S.: Save Our Sharpies!

We all know how terrible the feeling is: the moment you realize the Sharpie you so desperately need to mark a cardboard box or draw a ridiculous picture of your grandma sneezing is almost out of life. The spark is dying. Its will to live is slowly being sucked dry.  

The Sharpie is dried out.
Before you leave in a rage tornado to head to your local drugstore and buy a new pack, try this tip from The Art of Doing Stuff. Think of it as a sort of lifeline, a defibrillator for a marker.
How To Revive Your Sharpie
1) Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
2) Pour some into the cap.
3) Dip the tip into the cap filled with rubbing alcohol.
4) Leave the tip in the rubbing alcohol until you can see ink swirling out.
5) Put the cap on and leave it for 15 minutes.
6) Attempt the Sharpie revival by drawing on something.
Now, the author warns that this will not work for all markers. But it's worth a shot. At the very least, it will distract you enough to delay your rage tornado, and at best, it will save you a few bucks on a new Sharpie!
Stay awesome!