Something New...

I'm sitting here, last minute blogging because the day seemed to just fly by! Today was full of new things. New traditions, new family, new gifts, new place. New things and experiences can sometimes be challenging and a little uncomfortable, but that is when you have an opportunity to grow and learn. 

 This year was my first Christmas married and my first Christmas in Michigan with my husbands family. We did things a little different than I am used to, but we got to create some new traditions of our own. This year was the first year I basically stayed up all night, we opened gifts at 2am! I felt like a wild child. I had a fantastic day, celebrating with my beautiful family. 

Maybe the holidays bring good memories, or maybe they bring some not so good memories, I get it, I feel you, but don't let memories hold you back from experiencing or starting something new. Remember you are Young & Free and your whole life should reflect that.  Happy Holidays to you and yours from Young & Free Michigan! Remember your opportunities are limitless and you can be a good manager of your finances. 


Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,