So Ya Got Pulled Over?

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One second you're jammin' out, cruisin' the freeway and having a jolly ole time. Next thing you know, you've got some flashing lights behind you, some "eee ooo eee ooo" noises, and you realize a police car is trailing you. You think to yourself, "Oh... was I really just driving at 80 mph in front of the a police officer?" The answer is: yes, yes you were. And now you're getting pulled over.

SO what do you do when you get pulled over? You don't want an even BIGGER, more expensive ticket by being sassy, or accidentally doing the "wrong" thing. For that reason - follow these steps on...

How to Act when the Police Pull You Over

1. Find a safe/convenient place to pull over

When you notice the police officer pulling you over, slow down and turn on your turn signal, demonstrating that you're looking for a safe place to pull over. Once you find said safe place, park nicely and wait in the car.

2. Relax

Being pulled over, especially for the first time, is REALLY scary - I get it. But, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You can't change that you're being pulled over, so just deal with it the best way you can :).

3. Roll down your driver's side window and all other tinted windows

You want to be ready for when the officer walks up to your car. Don't move around or grab anything until the officer shows up next to your window, otherwise he may think you're hiding something or grabbing a weapon.

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4. Place the car in park and place the keys on the dashboard/in your lap

It may sound simple, but you don't want to forget or have the officer to tell you to do this. Putting you car in park and having it turned off will allow to officer to question you without having any reason for concern that you might take off etc.

5. Keep your hands visible

This way the officer doesn't think anything suspicious is going on

6. Allow the officer to speak first when he approaches your car

Typically the police officer will ask for your drivers license and registration. Comply and give the officer the paperwork he or she asks for. Do NOT tell the officer why you think you were pulled over, let the officer tell you.

7. Keep your answers brief and noncommittal

WikiHow shared these example, typical questions a police officer may ask you, and how you should answer:

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  • "If you're asked "Do you know why I stopped you?" say "No."
  • If you're asked "Do you know how fast you were going?" say "Yes." Answering "No" to this question will lead the officer to believe that you are ignorant of the speed limit or how fast you are going.
  • If the officer asks, "Do you have a good reason that would make you need to hurry?" say, "No." If you say "yes," then even if you were not speeding the officer will believe that you were, and you'll probably get a ticket.
  • If the officer tells you how fast you were going, say "I see" or don't say anything at all. Silence is not an admission of guilt.[4]
  • If he/she asks "Have you been drinking?" (But, he/she does NOT smell alcohol.) Say no in case you were stopped, driving in a erratic manner. Tell him if you take medications or have an illness that can cause driving problems. If the officer spots "open containers" of beer, other alcohol, or smells alcohol, you should expect testing and/or demonstrating your coordination and balance."

8. Be polite and don't argue

Even if you get a ticket, remain respectful and do not argue with the officer. If you decide to fight the ticket, you'll be able to do it in court. Instead, thank the officer. If you give the officer a hard time, he/she might reciprocate and make things even harder on you.

Big thank you to wikiHow for the tips!


Follow those tips when you get pulled over, and things should go smoothly for you. If you have any advice on how to act or what to do when you get pulled over, please share below!



Vicky :)