Sneaker Savings

Need new running shoes? Overwhelmed by the prices you're seeing? You can breathe easy, according to professional runner Marco Anzures. Turns out, you don't need to drop a ton of money on the most expensive running shoes -- you can find shoes that are perfect for you while getting some sweet deals! Thanks to for this cool article.

First, your training is more important than your shoe. Beginning runners should buy a shoe that fits perfectly and is comfortable right off the bat. He advises against saying, "It's okay, I'll get used to it." That means that the shoe is not right for you!
Second, the price does not necessarily reflect the quality, and a lot of the "special" cushioning and stability features are mostly gimmicks. It all depends on how the shoe feels to your foot.
Anzures says your best course of action is to keep your body in shape! In this video, he shows two simple exercises to help keep your body in top form for running, which will increase strength and stability -- so that all you need are a pair of comfortable shoes, regardless of what they cost! 
Keeping this in mind can help you save a ton on running shoes -- don't allow yourself to be enticed by all the bells and whistles, buy whatever feels the best for you!
Stay awesome!