Sinister Review

Cheap Thrills?

I love scary movies, but it’s been while since I’ve had the urge to cover my eyes at the movies.  That’s exactly what Sinister did to me this past weekend.  WOW…While you might think I’m just a wimp, I can honestly say that this one was hard to watch.
If you’re looking for any indication if Sinister is worth seeing at the theaters, just check out’s rating.  While most horror flicks on this movie review site rarely receive a rating above a 30%, Sinister scores an impressive 62%. 
Grab your student IDs and head on down to your local theater to see this latest flick.  If you have an itch to see a scary movie this October, this is the one for you.  Take a look at the trailer and comment below if you’ve already seen it!

Check it out!  

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