Signs it's Time for a New Job

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I wrote about him last week, and now I’d like to share something I’ve just recently read by Dale Partridge. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, our current jobs and future careers do and will take up a lot of our time, and a lot of our lives. Not only do we spend hours at our places of employment, we even come home and spend more time just thinking about where we work! Of course, money matters, and we’ve got to make money in order to pay the bills.

But – what if you’re not happy with what you’re doing? What if your job is upsetting you? Partridge covered this question, writing a blog titled, 3 Glaring Signs It’s Time for a New Job.


He shares these three telling signs, demonstrating that it’s time for a new job:

“1. You’ve Become a Clock Watcher: 

And you’re not even time oriented. The hours and minutes move slowly. Because you’re spending the majority of your time on duties outside of your gifting, you have frequent thoughts of resentment and frustration toward your work. All you want to really do, is clock-out. This is the first sign it’s time for a new job.

2. You’re In Over (or Under) Your Head:

Your job is either too easy or too hard. If you’re “in under your head”, there’s no challenge in your daily routine. Can you say “boredom”? Sure, it might be easy money and it pays the bills, but is that what you really want out of life? Easy money? No challenge? It’s like giving a 10th grader fourth grade reading materials every day and expecting them to be satisfied with their educational growth. Eventually the 10th grader needs to admit: I need more of a challenge.

Or the reverse situation can happen: you may be the fourth grader forced to read 10th grade material. You’re “in over your head”. Again and again, you’ve noticed that you don’t have the skills to accomplish the demands of your job. People have told you, “Fake it until you make it,” but the charades are wearing you down. It takes a big person to admit that you’re in over your head. At this point, wouldn’t you rather find a job that’s a better fit to who you really are, than continue to pretend? It’s best to have integrity: let your words match your actions and move on. There is no shame in this.

3. The Only Pat On Your Back Is Your Own:

I find this to be far too common in today’s workplace. You may not be in a “hostile working environment”, but it’s pretty damn close. There’s a general atmosphere of disgruntled employees. Negative Nancies and Normans. Complaints fly daily. If any encouragement is ever given or received it’s from you to yourself. You pat your own back and give your own high fives. Realistically, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to thrive and grow in the long run in this type of work environment. If this is your story, you need to think seriously about why you’re there. Nobody deserves this.”


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If you’ll be spending A LOT of your life and time at work, it’s worth finding a place where you can be happy. This is your life. Of course you have to pay the bills, but if you can find a job that makes you feel good, go for it! Life is short, and if you're going to be spending a lot of time at work, do something that you love! Or at least like!


Just wondering, have any of you ever had to leave a job that made you unhappy? Share your story below.


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