Sideline Experience Recap


The University of Michigan Ultimate Sideline Experience has come and gone, but the Young & Free Michigan Team is still talking about how much fun the game was this past Saturday.  While I unfortunately was not able to be there, our contest winners had an absolute blast.   This was an especially memorable for winner, Annie Knoff who after I asked what her experience was like stated…
Being on the field at the Big House was amazing. Walking down the tunnel and onto the field, I honestly just had nothing to say. I was in total awe, just standing on the turf, looking around the stadium. At one point while the players warmed up Dileo practically ran me over trying to catch a ball. I think my favorite part was when the marching band came on the field. My Grandpa played the Trumpet, and my Aunt and Uncle met playing on the UofM marching band, so standing on the field hearing them play the fight song that I have heard blasted through my living room so many times was actually really moving.
Thank you SO much for the awesome experience, I will not forget it.
If you haven’t seen them on Twitter already take a look at some of the photos that Annie and our team shared from Saturday’s game!  Congrats again to our winners and be sure to check back soon for our next big announcement coming in 2013!

Check it out!

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