Need A Scholarship Topic? I can help!

The Young & Free Michigan Scholarship is officially open and the competition is on! Although this is one of the best scholarships known to man, it can be a bit of a challenge choosing one specific topic. My suggestion, go with what you know! Passion pays off and people really enjoy learning from someone who is passionate.


1. Use Your Passion


Think about one thing that you love so much you’d do it for free. That’s your passion! For example, practicing yoga may have changed your life. Find a way to incorporate that into your scholarship topic. You can use that passion for yoga to educate your audience in a fun way! You could elaborate on poses, breathing methods, and more.

 Photo by  Anthony Rossbach  on  Unsplash


2What is one social cause or new trend that you care about?

Choose an issue or topic that comes easy to you but may be new and confusing to others. For example, cryptocurrency has become a national topic but people are still very confused about it. Take a topic like cryptocurrency or saving the bees population, break it down and make it easily digestible for your audience.

 Photo by  Anthony Rossbach  on  Unsplash


3. Recycle & Reuse

Use a research paper or lesson from your classes. If you already have a ton of knowledge on a subject, use it! If you wrote a great paper on the benefits of water therapy, use that information and condense it. Don’t stress yourself out trying to become an expert when you already are one.

 Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash


Go with what you know because you will have a better understanding, a stronger delivery, and be more at ease; especially if you’re doing a video. I hope this helped you guys, I will have a video tutorial up next week that will teach you how to create a great scholarship video. Remember to follow me on social to stay up to date @YoungFreeMI.



Stay Young & Be Free,