Scavenge In The "D"

Do You Know Detroit?

While I have lived in the Metro Detroit area for the last three years, I can honestly say that I have not spent a great deal of time in the downtown area.   Yes I have gone to my share of sporting events at the Joe and Comerica Park, but I have never really had a closer look until my fraternity brothers and I planned a city wide scavenger hunt this past Saturday.  Not only was it an absolute blast, it was a free way to explore the entire city and enjoy a great day with friends.  This event idea works great with a group of friends or family members.  Use the following ways to make this fun and cheap event happen for you!

Check it out!

  1. Get together a group of friends or family members and organize them into teams. (We had 3 groups of 5)
  2. Pre determine a list of destinations that each group will be required to find.
  3. 20-30 destinations will approximately take 5 hours to complete traveling on foot.
  4. Create a quick riddle or clue for each destination.
  5. Pack water!
  6. At each destination have each team take a creative group photo.
  7. Pick an Iconic restaurant to break for lunch.
  8. Ban smartphones!  Make the teams ask around town for extra clues!
  9. Don’t make it a timed event!  Instead judge the groups on the creativity of their photos.
  10. Offer a prize to create some friendly competition.  (We gave away Tigers tickets)
  11. Encourage each team to take their time!  Making detours and exploring shops and eateries along the way is what it’s all about!
  12. And lastly, HAVE FUN!


Take these guidelines and feel free to make them your own!  Add or change rules to make them unique for your own family and friends.  This is a great way to show off Detroit if you have guests that are coming in from out of town!
While it was a long day, it was probably the most fun I’ve had downtown in a long time without having to spend a ton of money!
Until next time,