Saving Money on Your Cookout

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! The long weekend will soon be upon us, and that means it's time to 1) honor those who have given their lives to serve our country and 2) plan your celebration! 


If you're planning a cookout, INVITE ME. (Kidding, I'll be at my family's cottage.) But seriously, make sure you have a budget in mind when you're shopping for your guests. Menu planning can help so much when you're trying to pinch some pennies!
First, plan the menu around sales. If chicken's on sale, pick chicken instead of ribs. If hamburger is a steal this week, pick that over bratwurst. Seems pretty simple, but it's something many people might overlook! Also, keep a look out for Memorial Day-themed coupons for things like vegetables, snacks, and pop.
Second, ask your guests to bring a side dish, whether it's potato salad, chips, or dessert -- that way, you're not footing the bill for everything, but people still get a ton of delicious food.
Lastly, if your party is small-to-average sized, skip the paper products and use real dishes! Sure, you'll have to tackle the mountain of dirty dishes later, but you won't have to shell out your hard-earned cash to buy paper plates that just end up in a landfill anyway.
I got these tips from! We're in for a pretty darn hot weekend, so slather on the sunscreen and enjoy your long weekend!
Stay awesome!