Saving Money at the Movies

Movies can be SOOO Expensive!

This past weekend I went to see the new Dark Knight movie and while it was EXCELLENT, I walked away with a little bit of a limp because I spent almost $20 on myself at the theater!  While I enjoyed the movie, buyer’s remorse left me kicking myself at the end of the night.  Scanning through my receipt I quickly realized that not only was my ticket pricey, but I spent more money on popcorn and pop then I did on the actual ticket itself!  As a result, I decided to dedicate my blog today on how you can save money at the theater.  Below are some quick tips to keep stowed away in your utility belt before going to see the new Batman movie.
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Attend a matinee showing:  Instead of going to the movie at night, try going to an earlier showing during the day.  Many movie theaters offer discounted tickets during the daytime.  This can easily shave a couple bucks off of your overall purchase.
Online Deals:  Check Groupon and Living Social before going out.  Both of these sites sometimes offer movie packages that can save your up to %50 off on your theater cost!
Student Discount:  Don’t forget to bring your student ID.  Almost all movie theaters offer a student discount if you can show them a valid student ID.  However, make sure that it is current!  If has the year you graduated printed in BOLD FONT on the front and that year was in 2008, they won’t consider you as student!
Avoid 3D:  Yes, 3D might be the coolest new way to enjoy your favorite movies, but it comes with a cost!  Theaters often jack the price up and extra 5+ bucks for the 3D version!  This is the same for any movie theater that offers a luxury theater package.  Beware! and ask yourself, is it really worth it?
Rewards:  Check to see if the theater has a loyalty program.  If you have a favorite theater in the area they might just have some type of point system to help you score free popcorn or even tickets!  Usually these programs are free to sign up for as well and you can opt out of emails if you don’t want the extra spam!
Avoid Temptation:  This one is important!  Eat before you go!  Theaters bank on the fact that after smelling the delicious popcorn you will spend more on concessions that you did on your ticket!  Concession stands are a HUGE money maker for them.  To help resist the temptation of buying the HULK SIZED popcorn bucket and drink, eat before you go!
Be sure to share these tips with your friends!  If they are on board with these savings tips, you are less likely to feel pressured into spending extra money.
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