Saving for Hibernation

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I have been talking about the season change happening and oh man, was it just me, or was it cold this morning?! This got me thinking about how I tend to go into a hibernation mode in the winter. I want to eat more, I want to sleep more and I want to do less. So in order to prepare for hibernation theres a few simple things we can do. 

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1. Stock- When I see lighters, candles or soup on sale, I stock up. In order to go into my hibernation mode I need the house to smell good and feel cozy. I can do that by simply lighting some candles, and making a pot of soup! SO EASY and they are both money savers! 

2. Shop- Online. During the winter the whether can be crazy! Instead of shopping at the mall, you can save money and save gas by shopping online! Last year almost all of my holiday shopping was done on They even have an option to have the gifts wrapped and labeled for you! It was so easy and honestly I spent less money then I would have going to the mall! 

3. Save- I've talked about this before, but I can never talk about saving money enough. Let's be honest, we need constant reminders! Not only does the winter cost more money because of the need for heat and holiday shopping, but there are plenty of unexpected expenses. Taking care of your car in the winter is not an easy task. Saving money for the winter is so important, because if you are like me, I need a vacation in the middle of the winter to get away from it all! That requires saving money! 


An easy way to save money, is to have a savings account at Michigan First Credit Union! With direct deposit you can even have a certain amount of your check put right into savings! Or, making an online transfer from your checking into savings is just a few clicks away on your phone or computer! 

Having a savings account is so important. It will help you have a back up, emergency fund and also can help your reach your financial goals! 

Save for hibernation, aka, winter! It's coming and it's coming soon! Remember to stock up on useful items that will make life simpler in the winter. Shop online for the best prices and to avoid bad weather, bad traffic and crazy shoppers. And always remember to save! If you don't have a savings account, check out Michigan First Credit Union and see how opening a savings and checking account can change your financial habits today! Plus the First Gear savings account has NO Monthly fee! 

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