Save on Thanksgiving Meals

Thanksgiving is coming up! And with Thanksgiving comes TONS of food.  Though feasting is a lot of fun, it isn’t necessarily cheap. Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or making a dish, I’ve got some helpful tips for you to save money on food this Thanksgiving.


Shop around.


Stores are competitive during this time of year; they’ll have special sales in order to reel consumers in to buy their goods. BUT depending on the store, there may be different deals. So if you’ve got some time, go to more than one store!  If you can save a dollar here and a dollar there, it’ll be worth it, especially if the stores are close together.

Use coupons!

Before you start buying the ingredients for whatever it is you’re making, check to see if there’s any coupons. Chances are: coupons have been sent out for the holiday dish you’re making. So check the latest paper or coupon packet that has been sent to your house or even look online; it will be worth it :).

Don’t overbuy.

While you’re shopping, you might buy more ingredients than you need – don’t! Buy the amount of ingredients you need for the number of people you’ll be cooking for. You can tell exactly how much you’ll need of what by using an ingredients for meal calculator like this one.


Have fun and be safe shopping/cooking!

Vicky :)