Safeguarding Those Tax Documents

Unsure about how to manage your tax documents after filing? Luckily, the New York Times has a cool article on how you can either safely delete them from your computer or store them virtually!

Deleting files:
Mac users rejoice! There's a cool built-in feature called "secure empty trash" which not only deletes your files, but it overwrites them -- making it almost responsible to recover.  Windows users don't have to panic. Emptying the recycle bin works well, unless someone is hunting around for your files. Consider file-shredding software (you can find reviews on CNET) to really clear out the labyrinth that is a hard drive. Whatever you do, before you toss your computer or donate it, make sure you thoroughly scrub your hard drive. 
Saving files:
In the simplest sense, you can save your tax documents to an external hard drive or a smaller USB thumb drive, and then password-protect it or put it in a safety deposit box. Alternatively, you can be all new-age and store your documents "in the cloud" -- but you have to make sure you agree with the security policies in place.
The article is much better at summarizing all these tips, so check it out over at the Bucks Blog. 
Stay awesome (and protected!)