Safe or Sorry? 5 Easy Ways to Stay Protected While Online Shopping

Online shopping can be risky. And with all the fraud going on, it's definitely worth the extra step to make sure everything is secure. With the holiday season in full effect, there are some really simple but important things you should be doing to stay protected before clicking "Checkout." 

Jake, the Young & Free Maine Spokester, did all the hard work. His article details the following: 

  1. The one special thing to look for in a website's URL to ensure it's safe for purchasing merchandise. Without checking for this one thing, your information could be in complete scrutiny. 
  2. Is PayPal safe?
  3. One thing you should do everyday to ensure you aren't a victim of fraud. 
  4. The dangers of using public Wi-Fi. 
  5. Red flags to be aware of on the "Checkout" page.

Click here to read the full article. It may be your saving grace... literally.

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