Road Trip!

This weekend, all of Young & Free that are further west are going to have a chance to snap a selfie with my car. I’m going to be in Grand Rapids on Friday and Saturday. While there, I will be hanging out at a few of our Michigan First branches and touring the town with my friend, and Grand Valley student, Camille. We are going to the art festival, and on Saturday we’ll attend the Super Run! I haven’t figured out what super hero I should dress up like, but I will be passing out loads of Young & Free Sunglasses while I’m there. So if you see me this weekend, say hi and snap your selfie with my car.  

Do you have any suggestions for places we should eat at or check out while we are in Grand Rapids? Let me know.

And if you didn’t know before… NOW YOU KNOW! Michigan First has 3 branches in Grand Rapids! Click on the link below to see where they are located.