Riverside Kayak Connection

Ummm, did you guys know you can kayak on the Detroit River? 

If you did, that's cool, just call me ignorant. I'll totally accept it. I had no idea you could do something so cool so close to home! I'm used to having to travel at least an hour to do anything this cool, so the fact that this is in Metro Detroit is totally mind-blowing for me.

For $75, you can take a kayaking class at Riverside Kayak Connection in Wyandotte. Sure, $75 is a lot, but if you're looking to learn how to kayak around here, it's a pretty sweet deal. You'll be learning from professionals! You can start with the beginner class, and then after that you can take more advanced courses. 
For beginners, it's a great idea to start out with a class. SAFETY FIRST! Once you learn, you can journey to wherever you want to! 
If any of you take the class, let me know how it goes here or on Facebook! 
Stay awesome!