Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

You probaby know by now that I have a weird affinity for Internet memes. Conspiracy Keanu, anyone?

The most recent meme to make me crack the heck up almost non-stop is Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. Someone snapped a candid photo of a marathon, and everyone in it looks (understandably) haggard, making weird faces, sweating, you know -- what runners look like when they run. Not Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, though. Nope, he looks absolutely perfect.


Seriously, HOW?! (source)

Naturally, this spawned an absolutely hilarious Internet meme, where people would photoshop really funny scenarios onto the photo. Here are a few of my favorites, all from quickmeme.com:






As always, if you have any more awesomely ridiculous memes, send 'em my way! Viva la Internet!

Stay awesome,