Review Those Receipts

You’ve just finished enjoying a great meal but it seems like you’ve been sitting at your crumb ridden table for an hour waiting for your check.  Finally the waitress comes walking up and before she can even set the bill on the table, you offer up you card in frustration so you can make it out of there without missing your 1:00 meeting.  A few minutes later you throw down a tip, sign the bottom line and with a flash you’re out the door.  Sound familiar to anyone?


I know for me, I’ve experienced this quite a few times in my college career.  I’ve had experiences where I got so worked up by slow service, when the bill came my way I quickly signed it without double checking to see what I got charged for.  Normally I wouldn’t think anything of this, but when I was out with friends the other day, I saw a buddy of mine get charged with double the amount of drinks he ordered for the table.  Now given it appeared to be an honest mistake on the waitress’s, but it got me thinking.  How many times could I have been overcharged when out with friends just because I was impatient or too lazy to double check my bill? 

No matter what establishment you’re at, you should ALWAYS double check your bill!  Most of the time if errors are made they are an honest mistake and can be quickly reversed, but without taking a closer look, you’ll never know.  What if my friend was impatient like I’ve been in the past or just simply told the waitress to cash him out when she approached the table?  He could have been charged an extra $30!  Paying attention to your receipts is a crucial habit to get yourself into when going out. This is especially important for those of you who are over 21!  Sure everyone makes mistakes, but do you want your wallet to be the one who suffers from a little bit of absent mindedness?  I know I wouldn’t!

Comment below if you’ve had a similar situation or if you’ve ever been overcharged when out with friends!  Your stories are always greatly appreciated!

Until next time,