Retainers and Budgets

Well a new week has begun and I know I talked about the fall weather before, but MAN it's cold out! I had so much fun on Friday at Southlake's homecoming and Saturday at Wayne state! It was cold, but it was a lots of fun. 

Today I have a video for you about Retainers and Budgets. I'm even wearing my retainer in the video and I used some quotes that some of you gave me on Facebook! 

Check it out and get inspired to make a budget! 

I'm seriously already starting to budget for my Christmas shopping! My plan is to put away $20 a week and use all of that cash for my black Friday shopping! It won't be a whole lot of money, but it will be a great challenge to shop only using that cash! 

If you are a member of Michigan First, download the app and take advantage of online banking, it will make setting a budget so much easier! Also, don't forget about the AWESOME car sale happening at Michigan First next week! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,