5 Amazing Resume Tips!

1.     Tailor Your Resume

Change your resume to fit the job. For example, if you’re applying for a personal assistant job then you’d want a resume that highlights your administrative skills, but if you’re applying for a job in hospitality then you would want to highlight skills in customer service.


2. One Page Minimum

Keep your resume under a page;take out any information you don’t need. On average employers spent about ten seconds glancing over your resume.

3.  No Typos

Have at least three people review your resume for grammatical errors. It’s very important that your resume is free of any errors; one small mistake can cost you the job.


4. Activities

Refrain from including activities that your employer may not care about such as extracurricular activities from high school. If you’re currently  a student athlete or in academic clubs then include those, but try to exclude miscellaneous and outdated information. 

5.  Add Some Color

Let your resume stand out!  If you’re in a creative field like graphic design or media it is so important to show your creativity in your resume. Add a personalized logo or a color scheme to set yourself apart. 


Remember this resume needs to highlight the best parts of you; don’t be afraid to show them what you got!


Stay Young & Be Free,