Renaissance Festival, Robin Hood & Safety Deposit Boxes?

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The Renaissance Festival is going on now through September 28th in Michigan!

Going to the Renaissance Festival is always so much fun. All the shows, thick (fake) accents, turkey legs and braided hair. When I go to the festival I always think, man, living in the middle ages would be fun! But then I think about how everything I am familiar with all the way down to personal hygiene would be gone! Most people during the middle ages were very poor and traded goods as their currency. But the royalty had loads of treasures, and somehow thieves like Robbin Hood easily accessed the royal jewels! 

Well, thankfully these days we have electricity, computers, phones, credit cards, social media, indoor plumbing and actual currency. If you have some, "treasures," you want to be kept safe, you don't need to dig a hole in the back yard, or create a secret compartment in your house. You can get a safety deposit box at Michigan First Credit Union! You can get a 3X5 box all the way up to a 10X10! And guess what, you have the option to pay for them using Money Perks Points! Those are points you get for thinks like, having direct deposit or automatic bill pay. If you have some precious goods that you want locked away, and only accessible to you, I would highly recommend getting a safety deposit box at Michigan First Credit Union.

For more information about the Safety Deposit Boxes, click on the link below! 

"Keep birth certificates, wills, mortgage documents, jewelry, or your amazing Pez dispenser collection under lock and key in one of our safe deposit boxes. Our boxes have top notch security, including seriously legit hand scan access for greater protection. Safety deposit boxes are available at our EvergreenGratiot and Wyoming branches. Stop in and check them out."

Do you think you could live in the middle ages? If you think you could, comment below "HECK YES!" If you think you couldn't, comment below, "NEVER." 

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