Reflections on a (short) Teaching Career

No video from me this week  . . . I can't upload anything to YouTube here in China, but I'll have lots of stuff for you next week when I'm back stateside! Believe me, you'll love seeing my Chinese students.

Today was my last day of teaching English to Chinese middle school students! I must say, though I've always been supportive of teachers and the educational system, I now understand how mentally and physically exhausting being a teacher can be. But I also understand how some people love it and dedicate their lives to it.
It was so great to come into class every morning and hear, "Good morning, Miss Janelle!" The students always wanted me to sign their books, give them hugs, play games with them, and practice English whenever they could. I was lucky in that my teaching experience was with students who genuinely want to learn, rather than those who are forced through the public school system against their will. I can only imagine what it must be like to try to reach those kids.
So, hats off to teachers everywhere. You have a difficult, exhausting, underpaid job, but just know that there are some people out there who are behind you 100%!
Stay awesome!